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Buying a Horse Farm in Lexington, KY

There’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re looking for ranches or horse farms for sale in the Lexington area. You’ll need the help of an experienced real estate agent who specializes in horse farms and who knows the locations that are close to equine veterinarians and tack and feed stores, among other important factors. You’ll also want to take into consideration the layout of the farm so you can easily access the barns and riding arenas. You must consider the amount of pasture land that’s available for grazing, and ensure there are no plants or weeds that could be harmful to your horses. With more than 25 years as a real estate agent in central Kentucky, Cathy Davis can find you a ranch or horse farm for sale in Lexington.


Cathy also has considerable experience in local zoning laws and can help you navigate local regulations related to acreage per horse. And if there’s a barn or stable on the property, she’ll help you ensure there’s adequate space to store hay, horses, and equipment. In lieu of a barn or stable, you might be looking for a property that offers shade and shelter from the elements. With these criteria in mind, Cathy can help you in buying the perfect horse farm in Lexington that’s suited to your specific needs.


Kentucky’s beautiful race courses, elite horse shows, outstanding equine vets and care facilities, top-notch equine transport companies, nourishing bluegrass pastures, and rich soils with high mineral content all contribute to Lexington’s reputation as the horse capital of the world. What a perfect location for the horse farm of your dreams, and Cathy can help you find it! Contact Cathy now if you’re looking for ranches and horse farms for sale in Lexington!