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Cathy’s Specialties & Areas of Expertise

Cathy Davis has been a licensed real estate agent in Lexington since 1996, and has developed a number of specialties and areas of expertise during that time. One of her specialties is location analysis, which simply refers to the appraisal of a general geographic area for a particular use. Cathy believes where a home is located is one of the most important factors in its value. The location of any real estate property affects its desirability, the demand, and the property price—all important factors that Cathy will help you consider when buying a home.


When you’re looking at horse farms and barns for sale in Lexington, you need a rural property expert who’s familiar with the land and its history, as well as zoning ordinances—local rules and regulations that control the types of buildings that can be allowed in a particular area. Knowing local zoning laws, regulations, and taxes is another area of expertise for Cathy. She can help you navigate the impacts of zoning laws, housing availability, and housing affordability in the Lexington and Central Kentucky area.


And with her passion for horses, which developed at an early age, combined with the years spent surrounded by family farmland during her childhood, Cathy knows the Lexington area’s horse farms and barns for sale inside and out. She has raised cattle and developed a working Thoroughbred breeding and boarding operation, all of which have contributed to her deep knowledge of soils, barns, fencing, and arenas. Whether you’re looking for horse farms and barns for sale in Lexington, to purchase or sell a horse farm, an estate, or a residential home in the Lexington area, Cathy has the answers to your questions. Let her put her expertise to work for you! Contact Cathy now by calling 859-806-9444.