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As a licensed real estate agent for over 25 years, Cathy Davis has your best interests in mind and can help you get the best price when you’re ready to sell a house in Lexington. An experienced sellers’ agent, Cathy can help you determine the market value, recommend repairs or touch-ups that will improve its curb appeal, and determine the best ways to market your property. Once you receive an offer on your home, Cathy can help you evaluate the offer, negotiate with the other parties, and move through the closing process. As an experienced real estate expert in Lexington, Cathy will be there through the entire process of selling your Lexington home.


Cathy has been a savvy businesswoman for years, first owning a women’s clothing boutique and then a bed-and-breakfast, where she hosted guests from all over the world. She brings this experience to her real estate transactions, representing her clients with poise and good-natured expertise. Cathy eventually started breeding and raising Thoroughbred racehorses at her restored Greek Revival country home. It is this background that contributes to her deep-rooted knowledge of the land, barns, and the local zoning laws and regulations. With this combined background and experience, Cathy is known as one of the most knowledgeable real estate agents in Lexington.


Cathy enjoys showing people around the area and helping them feel at home in Kentucky. She has a deep knowledge of Lexington and Central Kentucky. For example, Cathy knows that South Lexington is attractive to buyers, with its various appealing amenities like parks and trails, a variety of stores, and medical facilities. If you’re ready to list your home for sale in Lexington, you want an experienced, knowledgeable real estate agent on your side. Contact Cathy today to find out how she can help sell your house in Lexington!